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We are an effective and innovative IT solution provider that offers

Tech consultancy, IT Training and Hardware supplies.

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Our value is to ensure all our client are satisfied through service delivery, trust and diligence.

Our Mission

Our mission to to reach out to as many company/individual as possible to help them with IT solutions.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. we go all out to make sure we achieve every client goal.

Over 2,000+ Businesses

We have been opportune to serve thousands of client all over the world with our services

About Us

REAL FORTUNE TEACHNOLOGIES is a forward looking and critical thinking company dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions to clients and customers in the private and public sectors. With a vast experience in business and technology, we have the necessary acumen in business process and the application of technology to create effective solutions that address business needs including Data Communication and Recovery, Computer Networking Product, application/data security for line of business applications, Computer Programming Analysis, IT Trainings and many other IT Solutions.

We specialize in build leading technology platforms to create software solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, judiciary, education, and risk management organizations.

REAL FORTUNE  has strategic partnership with leading organizations in the IT space in collaborative innovations that have been on the cutting edge in different industries.

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exceptional strategy to help you achieve your expected goal

At Real Fortune Technologies, we provide tech solution, Build a strategy that serves your business better, and ensures that you are satisfied and also your goals are meant which in turn increases the growth of your business.

  • Consultations
  • planning your networking setups
  • Training from networking to programing and hardware use
  • Hardware supply to keep your business running

Technology is one of the biggest industry

Talk to us on helping you with all IT solutions. We believe in successful go to market execution is key to revenue growth. We can help you to deliver business performance.

 Software Programs

We launch programs that helps you monitor your networks to prevent lose of data and communications

Networking Hardware

we use our necessary tools to ensure you get solutions.

Your results are our top priority!

Strategy Consulting

Lets help you with some exclusive strategies that will help your business growth.

Manage Hardware Supply

it is our job to supply you with every hardware needed to make your work easier and also help manage and maintain them.

IT Trainings

Knowledge is very important in tech industries. ensuring that our client are well trained is this field bring us joy and credibility.

Our Services

We provide the best services

Tech Consultancy

IT Solutions

Data Communication and Recovery

Computer Networking Product

IT Trainings

Computer Programming and Analysis

Our Portfolio

Giving Smartness To

your Business

Who We Are

Real Fortune Technologies is an innovative full service IT solutions provider that brings precise IT solutions to critical business needs, in the public and private sectors. Whether mission critical, enterprise solutions or process improvement, the core element of the IT solutions we provide are functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our expertise speaks for itself, through the work we do and the success we help our clients and customers achieve, year after year. Let Real Fortune help you establish a strong market position, prudent IT solutions, improved productivity, and garuanteed profitability.

What We Are

  • Agile – Our methodolgy ensures quick and effective response in providing solutions to a client’s needs, and transparency through measurable and incremental progress.
  • Flexible – Our agile approach makes us very adaptative and give us the ability to run a disciplined project management process
  • Innovative – Our collaborative approach ensures that we have a 360-degree view of the requirements and enable us provide effective IT solutions
  • Responsive – Our highly organized team deliver rapid and effective solutions within scope all the time

Our Partners

With Respect To Each Customer

We Appreciate Clients

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What Clients Say About Us

“I needed some hardware for my office and they delivered very fast and also helped me to install them”


“Their consultant really help me with vital information that i never knew about”


” I’m glad i took their training, it was so helpful and well detailed”